• Ceramic dicing and slicing of all shapes size
    rods, tubes, bars and substrates
  • Custom ceramics prototype and production
  • Centerless rod and tube grinding
    tolerances +/- .0002”
  • Internal and external precision grinding
  • Lapping and fine grinding
  • Milling and shaping to any custom design
  • Small and large hole drilling +/- .0002”
  • Single Point Diamond Turning
  • Blanchard grinding of all ceramics
  • Material Selection Assistance
Our Precision Machining Center is designed to provide cycle time reductions in ceramic prototyping and manufacturing.  We are experts in ceramic fabrication and precision finishing.
With our 30 years experience, we can offer:  
  • Low Set Up Charges
  • Rapid Turn Around Time
  • Precise Tolerances
  • Wide Range of Ceramic and Quartz Rods and Tubes Available
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